1″ Insert Tee

1″ Insert Tee


Drip Irrigation Fitting

1″ Insert Tee allows you to branch off an additional 1″ line from the mainline or for an individual row. 1″ Clamps required (not included).  Included in our Gator 2000 Drip Irrigation Kit.


1″ Insert Tee, which is a 1″ insert x 1″ insert x 1″ insert poly fitting, allows you to branch off an additional 1″ line from the mainline (sometimes referred to as a header) or for an individual row. 1″ Clamps required (not included) to secure the fitting to the tubing in case pressure is applied.

This 1″ Insert Tee may be used with our Gator 2000 Drip Irrigation Kit to customize the kit to meet your needs. We have assembled the Gator 2000 Kit to meet the majority of our customers’ needs, but we recognize that each garden has many variables.  We also offer additional 1″ insert fittings such as 1″ insert elbow1″ insert coupling and 1″ insert plug.

If you are not familiar with our line of Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation Kits, please click here.  We offer five sizes of drip kits.  Additional fittings and accessories may be purchased to customize a kit to meet your needs.  If you require assistance in custom designing your system, we would be happy to help. Please click here for our Irrigation Design Worksheet. This completed worksheet along with a diagram of your space will allow us to design a garden with the best system and tools for you.


Again, our goal is to assist you in getting your “Garden Grown Right”!



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