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WeedGuardPlus (23″ x 25′ Roll)

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Vegetable Garden Mulch


100% Biodegradable
Vegetable Garden Mulch
(Organic Non-Fertilized 23″ x 25′ Garden Roll)

Helps give your veggies a stronger and earlier start.

  • Use in all vegetable gardens and field crops
  • Eco-friendly alternative to black plastic
  • Excellent for weed suppression
  • Porous – lets air and water penetrate
  • Holds up to heavy rains
  • Naturally decomposes over one growing season
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Helps improve water efficiency
  • Made in USA
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it last?
A: WeedGuard Plus is engineered to gradually decompose and last one growing season – about 8 months. Any remaining WeedGuardPlus can be tilled or plowed into the soil at the end of the growing season.

Q: What is it made from?
A: It is a specially engineered cellulose fiber paper like material. It’s natural formulation does not contain harmful chemicals.

Q: How does it block weeds?
A: WeedGuardPlus is 100% opaque, therefore, no light gets through the material. Weeds which require light cannot grow.

Q: If WeedGuardPlus is opaque and blocks light and weeds, how does water get to the soil and plants below?
A: Due to the unique formula, WeedGuardPlus has excellent porosity which permits air and water transmission.

Q: WeedGuardPlus allows water and air to transmit through it. Why doesn’t it fall apart when it gets wet?
A: This product is specially designed with a wet-strength component that keeps the material together when it gets wet. It can withstand torrential rains that are often seen in early spring storms. The wet-strength component is FDA approved.

Q: Why is WeedGuardPlus brown in color?
A: It is soil-brown in color to be aesthetically appealing. This darker color also can absorb sunlight and convert this light to heat which can warm the soil…aiding earlier plant development.

Q: How think is the material?
A: WeedGuardPlus is fairly thick (like a business card), but is pliable too. Unlike plastics, this product can be cut with scissors to irregular shapes for custom fitting to your garden layout.

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