Punch-N-Cut Tool


Punch-N-Cut Tool not only cuts rigid poly tubing, but also makes punching holes and inserting 1/4″ barbed fittings & emitters almost effortless. All-In-One!  It is a favorite among landscapers and commercial growers. This lightweight all-in-one tool is a great alternative to those frustrating days of keeping track of multiple tools!

Punch N’ Cut Tool has three major uses:

  • Cutting Tool – Cuts up to .94″ mainline tubing with ease.  Also cuts up to 1″ PVC Schedule 40 with a little more effort required.
  • PunchTool – Punches holes in 1/2″ or larger mainline tubing for 1/4″ fittings or emitters to be inserted.
  • Insert Tool – Holds a barbed fitting and certain emitters to make installation easier. Less work for your fingers.



Poly Punch
Place rotating crescent against tubing. Apply forward pressure until punch pin pierces tubing. Release. Periodically clean punch pin to remove resin build up.

Emitter/Barb Insert
Insert emitter or barb in either rear or bottom barb holder. Place emitter barbed point against punched hole in tubing. Apply pressure until emitter barb pierces tubing. Remove tool by rotating sideways.

Emitter/Barb Insert with ¼” Tubing
Install emitter with ¼” tubing attached into crescent slots on bottom of punch handle. Place shoulder of emitter on outside edge of handle with ¼” tubing pressed into crescents. While holding emitter assembly in crescents, place emitter barb against punched hole in tubing. Apply pressure until emitter pierces tubing. Remove tool and cut tubing as desired.

Emitter Removal
Place eased edge on bottom of punch handle against emitter at a 45° angle. Apply pressure until emitter edge is lifted and seated into crescents. While holding emitter assembly in crescents rotate tool backward until emitter is removed.

Tubing Cutter
Lightly squeeze handles together while rotating them up and down. As tubing is cut, reduce pressure at the end of the cut.

Precaution:  Always wear eye protection.  Always wear safety gloves.  Cut only poly pipe and not metal objects.  Punch pin is sharp.  Blade is sharp.  Keep away from children.

Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 1 in