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Drip Irrigation Systems

Gator250KitThe Irri-Gator drip irrigation systems are one of the best ways to give your plants and gardens a jump st. These systems deliver water right to the root zone of the plant with great efficiency. With these systems, the soil around your plants will never get dry, delivering constant moisture to the roots.

Our drip irrigation systems can save up to 75% on your water usage over a sprinkler system and up to 20% less than a soaker hose. With direct watering to the root zone, water is not lost to evaporation while minimizing overspray.

When you’re growing – you must have water. All gardeners understand that irrigation is essential. Gardeners also understand that delivering the water without draining the bank account is essential as well.

Gator Kits leverage the Irri-Gator system to provide a consistent, environmentally-friendly flow of water to your plants. We recognize that when it comes to gardens, one size does not fit all, so we offer a variety of kits to meet the needs of different gardens.

Irri Gator Drip Irrigation Kit Contents

ContentsGator 100Gator 250Gator 1000Gator 2000
Drip Tubing100'250'1000'2000'
Header/Distribution Tubing----50'100'
Tee Fittings358--
Elbow Fitting112--
Regulator/Screen Filter Assembly11----
Regulator/Tee Screen Assembly----1--
Hose Swivel------1
Pressure Regulator------1
Punch Tool------1
Barb Fitting------20
Insert Plug------1
Teflon Tape------1

Gardening for Pleasure

Many people love to dig in the soil. Those with little space but a love for living plants may have small flower beds or produce patches that give them the earthy pleasure of coaxing up beautiful plants seasonally.

For small seeders the Gator 100 drip irrigation kits are ideal. These kits deliver the water you need – in the quantities you need. They can be assembled using only a pair of scissors and can be installed to nourish flower and produce beds ranging in size up to 200 square feet.

The Home Gardener

More and more people are enjoying the pleasures and benefits of home organic gardening. The Gator 250 is a great way to help large gardens grow and thrive. This kit would service an area large enough to produce food to jar, freeze, and otherwise store up to supplement the groceries and provide the taste of home grown vegetables, jams, and pickles in the winter months.

With all the elements included, the Gator 250 can connect to a home’s water system or to a well or pond. The Gator 250 Drip Irrigation Kit is designed for gardens up to 500 square feet.

The Farmer’s Market Merchant

Serious gardeners (and farmers) may grow plants to distribute at Farmers’ Markets or local nurseries. For heavy-producing gardens covering as much as 20 rows of 100 feet in length, the Gator 1000 or Gator 2000 is the best option to deliver a constant, steady drip flow to the plants in large patches.

These kits contain everything you need to assemble an effective irrigation system for areas spanning up to 2,000 square feet. Large areas or small, this system will save water while insuring each plant stays nourished.

Did You Know?

  • Drip irrigation systems use approximately 75% LESS water than your average sprinkler systems and 20% less than a soaker hose!

  • With drip irrigation, water is delivered directly to the root zone, decreasing the amount of water lost to evaporation and overspray.

  • Drip irrigation eliminates leaf wetness, delivering healthier. more quality flowers and produce.

  • By simply adding a timer to the end of your hose, you can schedule your watering for the best time of day for your plants without having to think!
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