Drip Irrigation Garden Kits

Over time, homeowners often have a need to expand their gardens. With a Gator Kit, they’ll be able to add tubing or fittings as necessary to accommodate that growth. Our skilled professionals work directly with each customer to help determine the right kit for their needs. Over time, those professionals can also help a homeowner add to an existing irrigation system to maintain its integrity as a garden grows.

The Gator Kits bring the power of the Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation System, which delivers a uniform supply of water to a garden. This consistent drip ensures the right amount of water is applied without over-saturating roots. This system can also pull from a well or, with possible additional treatment, a pond or stream.  Installation is very simple and straightforward.  You can add a digital timer to the system and take much of the worry out of making sure your plantings are getting the water they need.