Gator 2000 Drip Irrigation Kit

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Gator 2000 Drip Irrigation Kit

$299.00 $274.95

Drip Irrigation System

Once a garden exceeds 1,000 feet, gardeners are challenged to find a system that provides widespread irrigation while still being affordable. At only $299.00, the Gator 2000 drip irrigation kit can bring a steady flow of water to up to 20 rows of plants and soil reaching 100 feet in length each.

For beginning to expert gardeners, our irrigation system has everything that you need to create the perfect garden getaway. We know that your garden is important to you, which means that it is important to us!


Gator 2000 Drip Irrigation Kit

Gator 2000 Drip Irrigation Kit utilizes the Irri-Gator irrigation system, which revolutionizes the process of water delivery by giving a steady, consistent flow of water to each square foot of a garden.

Each Gator 2000 Drip Irrigation Kit includes:

  • Drip Tubing: two 1,000-foot rolls
  • Hose Swivel
  • Filter
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Adapter
  • Two Clamps
  • Punch Tool
  • Fittings: 20 Perma-Loc x Barb Fittings
  • Insert Plug
  • Teflon Tape: one roll
  • Two Perma-Loc Couplings
  • Installation Instructions

To get started on a Gator 2000 system, homeowners must first ensure the system can be connected to a low-flow water source of 8 GPM. Low-flow pressure regulators are available to accomplish this. Once the water source is in place, the Gator 2000 can be installed using the provided installation instructions. As a garden continues to grow, we can also help Gator 2000 customers expand their irrigation systems with a customized solution.

What sets the Gater 2000 apart is its Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation System, which has been proven successful in gardens and commercial agriculture for many years. We bring the power of a commercial garden’s irrigation system to your own home system, delivering a constant, steady drip flow to each of your plants. This system saves water while ensuring each plant stays nourished. The solution is good both for the environment and a family’s budget.

To get started, complete the Irrigation Design Worksheet and let us know the best time to contact you to discuss your irrigation needs. The form can be emailed, faxed, or mailed, along with a sketch of your garden to help us design the right solution for you.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 11 in